throw pillows

It's only recently that I've been into throw pillows.  I know right?  What was I thinking?  I thought pillows wouldn't work with my brown leather couches.  But they do work!

And I love them now!! 

But that brought up a new problem.  We had pillows that were made from fiber-fill or that batting stuff.  They flattened very easy and were misshapen.  No matter how much I fluffed them, they looked terrible.

So I was walking through Ross and found these pillows.  

I didn't LOVE the look of them but I did love the price.  That's $13.99 for both of them!!!

And the best part of all, the covers come off, leaving a feather pillow insert.

So I sewed up a cover with some blue fabric that I love for the front and plain white fabric for the back.

I made an envelope so I can change them out really easily.  I don't have a pattern, or even directions since I was winging it and just eyeballed everything.  Here is a great tutorial, similar to the way I did it.  Except that lady knows how to sew! :)

So now I have some throw pillows that can take the abuse my kids give them and still fluff up really nice.  When the covers get gross, I throw them in the wash.  And I'll change them out when I get bored with them, which will probably happen soon. (The flower pillow is from Ross too.)