April photo a day

I'm still doing the photo a day thing.  I kind of lost steam in the middle of the month when things got hectic, but I managed to pull through.

Here is the list from Fat Mum Slim

1.  your reflection
2.  color: my pretty front garden (it's about twice this size now!)
3.  mail: my kids take turns getting the mail every day
4. someone who makes you happy:  these 3 kids!!

5. tiny:  this little guy is a tiny Justin Bieber - he flicks his hair to the side just like the real JB
6. lunch:  at a birthday party at the children's museum
7. shadow: me carrying all of our gear for a soccer game
8. inside your wallet

9.  younger you:  my sweetie and me about 14 years ago
10. cold: he didn't care what the temperature was (it was about 65*) he wanted to play with water outside.  We used warm water!
11.  where you ate breakfast: she just learned to cook her own scrambled eggs
12. stairs:  my son's fave DS play place

13.  something you found:  REAL cowboy boots!!   I can't wait to wear them.
14.  how you feel today:  happy that I found my craft room on pinterest when I was searching craft rooms
15. sunset
16.  flower: made by my daughter

17.  something you don't like:  taxes (paying 2011 and first quarter 2012) boo!!
18. hair:  the best bed head ever!
19.  orange:  my son's beloved sippy cup
2.:  something you drew: a great coloring job at our lunch restaurant

21.  bottle:  a replacement for the one broken at school
22.  the last thing you bought: a cake mix for vanilla cupcakes as a Sunday afternoon treat
23.  vegetable: I'm not even sure corn is a vegetable but we love it!
24.  something you're grateful for: my family and the Target snack bar too!

25.  looking down:  at my son swimming in the tub
26.  black and white
27.  somewhere you went:  soccer
28.  1pm:  the recycle center

29:  circle:  my son's lei from a luau at his pre school
30. something that makes you sad:  my husband traveling for work Monday through Friday :(

It's never too late to do the photo a day challenge.  Here is the list for May.  I share my photos daily (well- I try to) on twitter if you want to follow me @atccandy

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