Wooden Message board

I actually did a craft project!  Woo Hoo!  A friend of mine had a birthday and I made a little something something for her- a wooden message board.  

Of course I forgot to take step by step instructions but it's pretty easy. I used a board that was previously  painted black and divided into 3 parts.

I base coated the board white (using Martha Steward craft paints- went on like buttah!)

 I cut a B (and an S on the bottom of the board- which are the first letters of the names of my friends kids) out of vinyl with my Cricut.

Then using a paper punch, I cut out a bunch of circles.  After putting them all on the board, I put a few coats of red paint over the top.  When that was all dry, I pulled all the vinyl off and sanded it down. A lot! 

I stapled some bakers twine to the back in 3 places and then used some clothespins to attach some scrapbook papers but they could be used to hold photos too.

A little brown wire was already on the board, but it would be super easy to drill a hole and put some wire on there.  Or use a claw tooth hanger on the back.

And here it is- a personalized wooden message board!