customizing store bought curtains

When doing my craft room, I wanted light and bright curtains. I looked around at a few stores, but couldn't find anything I liked. I wanted something a little more customized then was available.


So I customized some store bought panels. And they go right a long with the chevron phase I'm in!
I found these white tab top panels at Walmart, on clearance even!!
Please know that I'm no seamstress, but here are the steps I took.
  • I cut the tabs off the top of the curtain panels.
  • I ironed the bottom edge of the white panels to get them ready to sew the chevron fabric on.
  • I cut the fabric to the width of the curtain panels, then folded over the edge and pressed a seam to the fabric.
  • I then pinned the fabric to the panel,
  • and using a straight stitch with my machine, I sewed the fabric on.


I hung the panels from drapery rings.
I hung them low enough that they puddle slightly on the floor.
Easy enough to make custom curtains from store bought panels!