old entertainment center to new storage cabinet

Now that we all have flat screen tv's with smaller stands, old entertainment centers have become a thing of the past. But I decided not to get rid of ours, and now use it for storage.

This cabinet is now in my craft room/office.  

It used to look like this back when it housed our big, old, square, weighs a jillion pounds tv.  

After a few coats of white paint and adding everything inside, it houses tons of craft storage!!!

In order to efficiently use the space, I added a wooden stand (cut from a 1 x 12 and screwed together to form an upside down U) and a power strip to the back of the cabinet to plug in the printer and cricut. 

I found a few different organizers like this under shelf wire storage...

...and this closet organizer to break up and use the space.

Now I'm able to fit so many things in here, that aren't so pretty, but very necessary to my crafting pursuits!

There is also a ton of space at the bottom of the cabinet for my kids craft supplies.

The pull out drawers that used to hold DVD's hold a little plastic bin so nicely.

I love this cabinet!  It holds a ton of stuff!!  And the best part of all is that when I'm all done for the evening,

I shut the door and have a clean and clear space!