Photo a Day June

Did you participate in photo a day June?  This was a fun month for me! 

Here are my photos.  

1.  morning- I love the morning light that comes in my bathroom window
2.  empty- emptying our start of summer Cokes
3.  on your plate- yummy bbq nachos
4. close up- my daughter
5.  sign- going swimming at the YMCA
6.  hat- my little guy in his cute hat
7. drink- my morning fuel
8. 6:00- dress rehearsel
9.  your view today- dance recital

10.  best bit of your weekend- reading the Sunday paper with my sweetie
11.  door- walking in to summer camp
12.  from a low angle- dinner
13.  art- a wooden flag I made
14.  time- my little guy all dressed up for play time
15.  yellow- we have a game we play where we look for yellow cars on the road (kind of like the slug bug game I played as a child)
16.  out and about- my sweetie and I celebrating our anniversary
17.  in your bag- my church bag
18.  something we don't know about you- my hair is the longest it's ever been

19.  imperfect- I'm an imperfect mother with a perfect love for my children
20.  favorite photo- the sunset
21.  where you slept- in a hotel for Haven
22.  from a high angle- the fun stuff in my swag bag
23.  movement- the traffic in Atlanta
24.  on your mind- the things I need to put away in my craft room
25.  something cute- my kids on the tramp in a kiddie pool
26.  where you shop- the zoo
27.  bathroom- my daughter getting ready for cheer camp

28.  on the shelf- swim towels hung to dry
29.  soft- playdoh
30.  a friend- my best friend, my sweetie!!

It really is fun to challenge yourself to take a creative photo with the prompts every day.  You should give it a shot if you're not already doing so.  Here is the list for July.  

Don't forget to link up on Instragram and/or Twitter with the hashtag #photoadayjuly 

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