Rug Anchors

Do you have a rug that slip slides all over the place?  Are you convinced one of your children (or even yourself) is going to break their neck by sliding on it?  And you're sick and tired of adjusting it every time you walk into the room? Yes to all 3 questions for me.

It got to the point that I hot glued my rug to the floor. 

Well, my rug hot gluing days are over because I found these rug anchors from 3M.  I use velcro adhesive all the time to hang stuff on my walls.  So I was so pumped to find the ones for my floor.  (Got them at Haven.  Thanks 3M!)

They are super simple to use.  You barely even need directions but I'll go ahead and do it anyway- put the "rug" side of the velcro on the rug, stick the other side of the velcro to the one already attached to the rug, take the adhesive strip off, push it down to the floor.  

Voila!!  Now my rug is stuck to the floor.  No tripping or sliding.  Yay!

When it gets dirty, I pull it up (leaving all the velcro in place) shake it out and pop it back down.  Easy peasy!

My kids will just have to find another way to entertain themselves instead of sliding around the floor on our rug!!