Thursday, August 9, 2012

Nap Mat Cover tutorial

Here in the south,
kids go to pre school and Kindergarten all day,
so their day includes a nap.

A nap means a nap mat is necessary.
And of course I have to make it look as nice as possible
with a nap mat cover.

a tutorial to personalize a nap mat cover

When my littlest started pre-school 
2 years ago, I made him the cutest polka-dot nap mat cover. 
Now that he's going into Pre-K, 
he requested something more 'big boy' and not babyish polka dots (his words).  
I found some fantastic super hero fabric that he 
approved of and made him a new cover.

Here is a tutorial for how I made it.  
As I have said a bunch of times before, 
I am not a seamstress and I don't know how to use a pattern.  
 I used my usual wing it method to make this cover.

kinder care nap mat cover tutorial

I purchased a padded plastic nap mat from the store.

I used a little under 3 yards of super hero fabric.

I folded the fabric in half lengthwise, inside out.  
Then laid the mat on top of the fabric to measure 
how much I would need.  
I cut about 1/4 of a yard off.  

Since the cover is similar to a pillow case, 
I folded down the top end, 
where the opening is to insert the nap mat, 
2 times and sewed a hem.

I sewed the sides and the bottom closed.  
It looked like a long pillow case, with the end open to insert the mat.

On the open end,
 I used sew-on velcro for a closure.

I then stuffed the mat inside the cover.

When my little man took it for a test drive,
he said it needed a pillow.

I used really soft fleecy fabric 
and sewed a simple rectangle.  
I left a small opening to stuff Poly-fill into,
then I hand sewed the opening closed.

To attach the pillow to the nap mat cover,
and still have it removable for laundering,
 I sewed buttons onto both sides of the pillow and the cover.

I used ribbon to attach the pillow to the cover together.  

The process was simple.  
I took about a 6inch piece of ribbon, 
cut a slit on each side for a button holes 
and then melted the raw edges of the ribbon 
with a flame to seal the loose fibers.

The ribbon holds the pillow to the nap mat nicely.

To keep it all together, 
I wrapped more of the same ribbon around everything.

It is closed with velcro
sewn to the ends of the ribbon.

The finished big boy nap mat!

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  1. Fantastic job! And I love your red chair!

  2. So cute! I teach Kindergarten so I see many of these nap mats but I have never seen a cover as adorable as this one! Great work!

    @ Everyday with the Jays

  3. Where have I been? I've never seen a cover for a nap mat. What a great idea! Yours is so cute.

    I would love it if you would share this at the Smart Solutions linky party. You can link up here:

    Have a great day!

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  5. Hey there! I love this idea. I'm wanting to do something similar...
    We'll be traveling to Disney World this winter and my kids are too old to use a stroller in our day to day living but we're expecting to need the rental strollers during the week to save little legs. :) I'm wanting to make a seat cushion. I'm thinking of using just half of a kinder mat and then making a cover for that. Any idea on the best way to attach an over the shoulder strap so that it's easier for mom to carry the cushion when not in use? I'm thinking I would attach it near the fold. Just wanting another opinion. :) Thanks!

  6. This is SOOOO easy! Thank you for the tutorial! I’m on the hunt for a nice fabric NOW so that I can start this project!

    Gretta Hewson
    Veritable Fishing Lodge Alaska Information


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