July photo a day

July 2012 is history.  Can you believe it?  Where did it go?  This month was a little challenging to take a meaningful photo of each prompt.  But it was fun figuring it out too.

1.  self portrait:  me with my boys watching a movie
2.  busy:  driving to Orlando for vacay
3.  best part of your day:  playing at the Nickelodeon Hotel
4.  fun:  playing at the World of Harry Potter
5.  on the floor:  our clothing totes (much more efficient than suitcases) at the hotel
6.  chair:  sitting on the bus after a full day at Disney
7.  garden:  the hotel grounds at Coronado Springs in Disney

8.  lunch:  eating lunch in Orlando
9.  big:  our big drive home
10.  favorite color:  red wrist strap on my key chain
11.  letter:  mine and my husband's initials on my new bracelet
12.  texture:  rain on the windshield of our van
13.  open:  my husband's new work backpack (he fits lots of stuff in there)
14. building:  a quick trip to Walmart
15.  finger:  my daughter's hurt finger

16.  sign:  Target
17.  your addiction:  cheddar biscuits from Jim N Nicks
18.  plate:  we had a taste test party (so much fun trying different soda's and cookies)
20.  eyes:  my pretty daughter enjoying a Popsicle outside
21.  9:00:  church
22.  upside down:  wearing ankle weights while getting my housework done
23.  mirror:  my son wrote his hygiene checklist on the mirror
24.  a stranger:  working on her car at our local gas station

19.  (missed it in the collage) animal/insect/pet:  our guppies

25.  heart:  We heart our lazy summer mornings
26.  sunshine:  enjoying a snack break in the sun at the pool
27.  on the road:  our neighborhood
28.  cup:  my son is trying to get rid of his sippy but I'm not ready!  (it's the last baby thing he does, sniff!)
29.  last thing you bought:  chalkboard paint to paint outside my kids bathroom
30.  calm:  this little stinker sleeping calmly in my bed
31.  toothbrush:  the daily toothbrush and paste mess my kids make

Here is the list for August from fatmumslim.  It's lots of fun to play along!!  Link up on instagram with the hashtag #photoadayaug