School Mantel

In my continued quest to be excited for school, I decorated my mantel.

Really, it did help a bit.  I still miss my kids though.  And I miss staying up late, sleeping in late and swimming.  We are in school. We are celebrating being in school.  I'll just keep telling myself that!

And if I can't be happy about school then I'll be happy to use some decorative school items!  :)

I filled an apothecary jar with vintage letter blocks.  On the silver plate I used a library card and a flash card.

In front of my ever present Chevron art, I have an old chalkboard that I added some ruler washi tape to, a clipboard with some cute school paper, my ruler frame and some ABC blocks.

On the other end I used a jar of pencils and a printable that I whipped up of some inspirational quotes.  I don't know if anyone wants it and since I don't know how to embed a document link, if you want the printable, email me and I'll email it to you.

I better get used to the idea of my kids being gone.  My littlest starts Kindergarten next year.  

I better go do some retail therapy to cheer myself up and help me forget how much I miss my kids.

Maybe I'll find some more stuff to redecorate my mantel for the next season.  Fun!!