School Themed Ruler Frame

I'm really not all that thrilled about my big kids being back in school. For the first time ever, I wasn't ready for them to go back.  We had an awesome summer that ended way too quick!    But if there is one thing I can get excited about, it's crafting and decorating.  So I thought in order to have more enthusiasm about school, I would do some school themed posts.  I did a nap mat and locker accessories and now I'm doing some school themed decorating.

Starting with a ruler frame (inspired by one I saw here)

I used:
*a wooden picture frame- (from the craft store) which was painted black, then red and distressed for the black to show through
*and 2 wooden school rulers that are in all the stores right now

I cut the ruler down and mitered the corners with my handy little miter box and saw.

then I glued the ruler to the frame with wood glue.

Super simple and easy.

I put some patterned paper in the frame.

Here it is on my school mantle, which will be in an upcoming post.

How are you feel about school starting?