About me

I am Candice.

I am a wife and mother to 3.

I am a crafter, photographer, scrapbooker, home decorator and wanna be DIY'er.

I have always loved creating.  My mom was an excellent example.  I grew up watching her sew, cook and make flower arrangements for others.  Often times I would snitch some of her unused flowers and/or fabric make things for my room.  My mom pretty much let me decorate the way I wanted and I loved having a space that was mine.  I would arrange and rearrange my furniture (even though it was super heavy) into the wee hours of the morning.  My parents never knew what my room would look like when they came to wake me up in the morning.   I also used images cut from magazines and my favorite teen idol posters as wall art, along with photographs of my family and friends.

As I have grown up many things have changed but a lot has stayed the same.  Now my husband never knows what the house will look like when he gets home from work.  Thank goodness he's a good sport, goes with the flow and pitches in to help me when he can.  I always have some project going and love to arrange and rearrange our home.  (And I still find a way to push our super heavy furniture around.)  Now rather then cutting images from magazines, I use the ideas in magazines as inspiration to create my own art and adornments.  And I still  LOVE photographs of loved ones and think they add personality and homey touches to our home.

I am so inspired by the world and people around me.  There are so many talented people who share their gifts with others, which I totally love!!  It's my hope that when you stop by my blog you leave at least a little bit inspired to create something lovely for your home.

As for how I named this blog- a long time ago someone I knew, whose decorating style was very different than mine, once commented that I was crafty.  I don't think she meant it in a nice way, but I decided to take it and run with it.  And everytime I say it, I totally sing the Beastie Boys song in my mind, "She's crafty and she's just my type!"

So now I like to say that
I'm a crafty girl who lives in a crafty world.

photos by  Tiffany Zumbrun