Message Board to hide a phone jack

I just made a new message board for our kitchen.  And the best part of all, it does double duty!!

The main wall you see when you walk into our kitchen has a phone jack smack dab in the middle of it. 

 Lovely huh?   I accepted it as necessary for a while.  We used an old corded phone there as back up in case the power went out.  Well, we recently switched to digital service so if the power goes out (and our back up battery dies) our phone won't work at all.   So, I decided it was time to get rid of the old phone and put something decent on on that wall.

I had a mirror in my garage that we weren't using.  So I took the mirror out and painted the frame.

To accommodate the phone jack which sticks out from the wall, I built a box on the back of the frame with square dowels.  It makes the frame stand out about 3/4 of an inch or so.  It's enough that the frame can sit nicely on the wall and not look weird.

For the inside I wrapped the cardboard backing from the frame with wrapping paper that looks like newspaper.  I decided not to mod podge it on there, in case I decide to change the paper.  I strung black bakers twine  (amazon affiliate link) across the front and used packing tape to make sure everything was secure.   Then I hot glued the back to the frame.

  I use mini clothes pins to tack up photos, reminders and my grocery list.  

Now when you walk into my kitchen, you see a message board with some photos of some of my favorite people!!  I'm still working on a printable or quote to go here too.

But I'm happy to not see the ugly phone.  Woo hoo!!