DIY arrow wall art

I have had the hardest time finding things to go on the wall in my boys' room.  The look I'm going for runs toward: vintage, eclectic, graphic and unique.  I want the room to look like we've collected things over time.  It's next to impossible to find things I like in stores.  So I've spent a bunch of time racking my brain for ideas.  When I found some scrap pieces of wood in my garage (ok they found me- a piece fell on my leg as I was walking by) I came up with this graphic arrow art.  

 I used 2 pieces of wood to go above each of my boys beds: pre-primed mdf and birch plywood.  I didn't pre sand the wood.  I simply wiped all the gross cobwebs and gunk off.

I free hand taped off an arrow shape.  I didn't measure or do it exactly since I like the hand made look. I used leftover black latex paint and a sponge brush.

Once the paint was dry, I gave everything a sanding with 150 grit sandpaper.  I also sanded the edges really well, since they were still raw and splintery from the wood being cut down.

Then I hung it up using 3m velcro (amazon affiliate link).  Super simple!!!

I made an arrow in a different shape to go above my other son's bed.

Seriously, this was super simple, took about 10 minutes (not counting paint drying time) and was free since I used things I already had!