Dictionary Map Art

I'm knee deep in redoing my boys' room.  This project has taken forever!!  I started in November with new beds, then made headboards last month.  It's not like me to let things take this long.  I'm normally a stay up all night to finish kinda girl.  But with needing my boys to actually sleep in their room I've had to work on it here and there.  Earlier this week I painted the room.  And I remember why it took my so long to do it - 2 words: vaulted ceilings. UGH!  I should have lost 20 lbs climbing up and down the ladder so much.  Maybe I would have if I hadn't fortified myself with skittles and girl scout cookies. 

 Anyway-   I am s-l-o-w-l-y getting the room put back together and getting some art on the walls- starting with dictionary map art.

My boys were born in 2 different states so I thought this would be an artsy fartsy way to display and pay homage to that. 

My son Mason was born in Utah so I used a page from the "M" section in an old dictionary.  I drew the shape of Utah on some red cardstock and cut it out.  Then I punched a heart from dictionary paper and put it on the part of the state he was born.

I did the same thing for my son Kannon who was born in Tennessee.

I put the "art" in frames from Target.  

This is the first of many projects I'm working on for my boys' room.  Hopefully I get done before they go to college! :)