Gray and White painted kitchen table

Today I'm sharing my new and improved dining room table that I painted gray!

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We've had our kitchen table about 9 months.
I bought it from Craigslist because I loved the size.
It's a square shape with some interesting curves, that fits our family perfectly.
Plus I can add the leaf when we have guests.
While I really love the table, I definitely didn't love the original color
which was yellowy stain and legs.
I have always planned on painting it.  

I debated for months what color I wanted to paint it 
and finally decided on white legs with a worn grey top.

gray and white painted kitchen table, yellow stain before

This is the before.  
So yellow.  
It looked terrible with our dark wood floors.  
But the shape is beautiful and I could see it's potential!  

how to paint a kitchen table

I posted this photo update on instagram.  
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Here are the products I used and the steps 
I took to give my table a makeover. 
There are amazon links to the products below.   

First of all, I left the table in my dining area inside my house. 
I covered the floor with a huge drop cloth.  
It's darn hot outside and I wasn't about to go out there!!

-I lightly sanded the table with 150 grit sand paper.  
Then wiped it down really well with a damp rag.

paint kitchen table

-I used 2 light coats of  Zinsser stain blocking primer.  

angled brush, small roller to paint kitchen table

To apply the primer I used an angled brush for the
 legs and apron and a foam roller for the top of the table.   
I waited about 2-3 hours in between each coat, 
even though the can says it can be re-coated in an hour.  
I let it dry over night after the 2nd coat.

-The next morning I painted the legs and the top with 
2 light coats of white Valspar Ultra Paint plus Primer.  
I lightly sanded in between each coat with 220 grit sandpaper 
and let it dry for another 2-3 hours.  

-Next I painted the top of the table gray.  
I don't have a picture of the paint I used for the top but it was Glidden brand.
 I then let that dry over night. 

painted kitchen table, gray and white paint

-In the morning, I lightly sanded the entire top 
and then went a little heavier on the edges for a worn look.  
I wiped it down really well with a wet rag.  

all over the table with a rag. 
I rubbed it into the legs, the apron and all over the top.  
It's a really light color of stain but gives the paint some dimension. 
 It also seemed to harden the paint and give it a little protection. 
I LOVE the way it turned out!  
I then let that dry over night.  
(seriously- all of this drying overnight business made this project take forever!!!)

-The next morning I used 2 light coats of Minwax Polycrylic top coat
 I very lightly sanded between each coat.  

how to paint a kitchen table

-Then I let the table dry and cure for 2 days.  

farmhouse kitchen table, gray and white table

farmhouse kitchen table

Painting this table took forever, but it was totally worth it.  
I love it so much!  
It gave me that farmhouse look that I love!!

painted gray and white kitchen table

I can't wait to have people over to eat and see my pretty table.  
Anyone want to come over??