Back to School ideas

My kids start back to school in 1 week from today.  (Where did the summer go?)

If you're nervous and not quite ready for your kids to be back in school, here are some ideas to help you get there.  

My most important tip is to have a school landing zone

Your kids will have a place to put all of their stuff when they get home and you'll love knowing where it all is! It took some gentle and not so gentle reminders from me for my kids to get into the habit of hanging their back packs and jackets on their hooks, but now it's a habit.  And now we won't have the dreaded morning rush around to find all of their things.  

If your kids will have lockers at school, personalized locker accessories
 would be a fun thing for you to make together!   I made these for my son last year.  My daughter will be going to middle school this year too and has been working on hers. 

My little one is starting Kindergarten this year.  We have full day Kindergarten here in TN, but that includes a rest time.  So he will need to use a nap mat.  Luckily we still have this one from last year he can use.  

I will still have 3 lunches to make and pack every day.  So I will definitely be using some of these ideas again. 
Monitoring 3 different outfits each morning can get old.  So I'll be doing using these hangers for each day of the week for my kids.  Picking out outfits on Sunday night and hanging them all in their closets will save us loads of time and energy on those VERY early school mornings!! 

You can also get excited about school by making a school ruler frame

and decorating your mantel in a school theme! That reminds me- I need still need to decorate my mantel for school this year!  

Best wishes to you for an exciting, well organized and successful school year!