Friday catch up 10-18

Another week has come and gone!  It's crazy how fast time has gone.  I can't believe October is already more than half over.  

Here is some of the things we've been up to: 

I got stung by a bee.  
I was at the park with my kids and a bee crawled right under my arm and ended up stinging me just outside my arm pit.  Inconvenient huh?  It barely even hurt at the time.  But 2 days later had spread to almost the entire back of my arm and was crazy itchy.  So I took a quick trip to the dr for antihistamines and steroids.  I'm feeling much better and I'll be more careful around bees in the future!

I tried out the Pioneer Woman's mac and cheese.  It was super yummy!!  

I posted about some Halloween chalkboards I did.  

I went to a ladies game night at my church that my talented friend Emily planned, decorated and cooked for.  She did a fantastic job and we all had a blast!

My little guy had his first Kindergarten field trip at a local farm/pumpkin patch.  It was crazy cold and rainy, but we had a bunch of fun! 

What have you been up to this week?  

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