Halloween chalkboard wall art

I know chalkboards have been around forever, but I'm still in love with the trend.  In fact, I don't even think of chalkboard as a trend anymore, it's more of a mainstay in my home!  I love them more now then ever before. 

Anyway- when it came time to put up my Halloween decor, I wanted to add some chalkboard.  

I was inspired to do chalkboard plaques when I found this page in the Halloween issue of Matthew Mead's magazine.  

I picked up various sizes of blank wooden plaques at a craft store.  Here's an amazon link to something similar.  I gave them a few coats of chalkboard paint.  I drew simple words and shapes on them and hung them up using my FAVE command picture hanging strips.  Easy Peasy!

I hung the chalkboard plaques all in a row with a magnetic perpetual calendar I made years ago. 

It's made with various magnetic numbers made with cardstock, stickers and other embellishments.  My kids LOVE this and fight every morning who is going to put the next number up.  We have one for November and December too.