Halloween wreath

I love a holiday wreath hanging on my front door! 

Here is this year's Halloween wreath!

It's quite simple.  But that's just the way I like it!

It started with a black wreath.  It's actually one I used before I just took all of the other stuff off of it.  

I had a bunch of orange tulle in my fabric stash.  It's leftover from last years Halloween projects.  It was cut from a bolt so I think I had around 1/2 yard left and it was about 50 inches wide or so.  I folded it in half length wise and then in half again so that it was about 12 inches wide.  Then I just scrunched it up in the middle and tied it with a spare piece of tulle.  

It became a really fluffy ball of orange tulle that I tied onto the wreath.  Then I stuck 2 orange and black glittery pics on either side, and tied a longer piece of tulle around the top for a hanger.

Here is the wreath on my front door.  

Here is the view of my front porch.  

It's not fall without pumpkins and mums!!