Think Before You Speak handout idea

Last Sunday we had a lesson in Young Women about how we talk to one another.  We had a panel of all of the young men and young women leaders that each gave a short 10 minute lesson on the topic.  For my part, I did a lesson on "think before you speak"

I saw this cute saying all over the internet and decided to tie it onto a treat.  If nothing else, they will remember eating a cupcake and possibly it will remind them of the lesson.  

Sorry for the poor photos I could only grab them really quick with my phone before the youth took off with all of the cupcakes! I took the papers off the cupcakes, frosted them, dropped them into a small plastic cup, put sprinkles on them then tied it all up in a cellophane bag with a spoon to eat it.  

Here is a copy of the handout if you would like to download it. As always, right click and save it to your computer.  Then you can print it as you wish.  It's a .jpeg so you can send it to a photo developer as well.  

 It's a good reminder for each of us, not just the youth. I think it would look really cute as a bookmark too.