Gold chalkboard and chalk art

One of my favorite things to do is to makeover something.  

That is what I did with this chalkboard!

This is what this hot little number started out looking like.  I went to Goodwill looking for a large frame about this size.  So when I saw this one, I was able to over look the warped artwork and paper mat, since I had plans to only use the frame and glass.  

I ripped off the backing, took out the art and threw it all away.  I also took the glass out and sat that aside.  

I was left with this beat up square frame.

I gave it a few light coats of gold spray paint with the Rust-oleum metallics spray paint. (amazon link)  This is by far my favorite spray paint!! It goes on so smooth and requires less coats than other spray paints I have used.  After the paint was dry I sanded the edges of the frame a little to rough up the paint finish a bit.  

I also sanded down the glass a bit, then primed it and brushed on a few coats of chalkboard paint.  Then I channeled my best Rhonna Farrer and did some chalk art.  (my best is not even close to Rhonna's worst)

This chalk art is a part of my thanksgiving/gold mantel that I will be posting about soon. 

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