Gold Leaf Art and blog hop

I can't get enough of the GOLD trend going on right now in home decorating and fashion.  It's pretty, classic and glamorous!  

I'm not sure these gold leaves are glamorous but I think they are pretty fun anyway!  Before I get to the DIY of this project, please check out some glittery gold projects from my blogging friends!

Ok back to my project.

I started with this Goodwill frame.  I've been having some good luck with thrifting lately!!  
I took the picture apart, set the glass aside, and spray painted the frame.  

While that was drying I wrapped the artwork that was already in the frame with some newspaper looking wrapping paper.  

My kids and I collected some leaves at the park that I then sprayed gold with my fave gold spray paint (amazon link).  I had some issues with the leaves curling as they dried, so I weighted them down with some scrap wood (after letting the paint dry a bit).

Then I arranged them on the wrapped frame backing.  And secured them really high-tech like, with scotch tape.  

Then I put the piece back into the frame.  I tired to be really careful to not smush the leaves too much.