2014 LDS youth theme

Sunday I spoke at a fireside for the youth in my ward.  
My topic was this year's youth theme, "Come Unto Christ."

In my talk I asked the youth how they could show that they are followers of Christ and listed 
their answers on the board.  
I reminded them that being a follower of Christ is a process and something we have to 
work on all the time.  None of us are perfect and we all have things we need to do better.  
Then I asked them to accept the invitation to Come Unto Christ by writing down 
(on the following card) the area(s) they want to improve on. 
Some of the answers were:  say sincere prayers, serve others, scripture study, 
get rid of negative influences etc.  Our youth did a great job with this!

I asked them to put their card, with what they are working on, somewhere they could see it.  
I suggested on their mirror so they can see it each day and work on it each day.

This card would be a really good thing for anyone to work on their relationship with the Savior.