Friday, January 24, 2014

Money birthday gift for teens

Now that my kids and my niece and nephew are getting older, the only thing they want for their
birthday is good old cash. 
Sure I could stick a few bills into a card and call it good.  And I do that sometimes.  
But other times, I want a more creative way to gift them with cash!

So this year for my nephew's birthday I sent him some $$ with a few treats.

I bought a few different candy bars...

and grabbed some $1's...

and some ribbon...

and tied them all up together.  

Then put all of the bars into a bag tied up with a bunch more ribbons.  
Curling ribbon makes everything festive!

This will probably be the gift my kids will take to all of the birthday parties 
they are invited to this year.  Candy and money = great teen gift!!

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