Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Graduation Gift- money balloons

It's graduation season!
That means lots of gifts.
I love giving a creative gift, but I want it to be useful as well!

Today I have an idea to creatively give 
a gift that will be used and loved!

Graduation gift idea- give the graduation what they really want- money

What would a 18 year old want more than anything else?
What could they use more than anything else?


Cash in a card is always welcome!

But I love giving creative gifts,
so I did a graduation version of my birthday balloons.

graduation gift:  give cash as a gift

I gathered balloons in our local high school colors,
dollar bills,
and a bag to put them in.

I rolled up the dollar bills
and stuck them inside the balloons.

I blew the balloons up just a little bit since
I was putting them in a bag.

I think it would also be really
cute to do huge balloons in a box
 or to give balloons filled with helium
and tied with a string!

To decorate the bag a bit,
I made pom poms from yarn,
tassels from floss,
and used a free printable card.
Then I tied it all to the bag with ribbon.

Don't forget to add a safety pin to the ribbons for
the graduate to pop the balloons!

This is a cute and festive gift 
that any graduate will love!!

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