8 reasons why teenagers are the best!

I think teenagers get a bad rap.  Oh sure, there are moments of moodiness, selfishness, and maybe even a little mischievousness.  But it's not all bad.

As a mother of 2 teenagers, I am going to share some of the parenting lessons I've learned in
8 reasons Teenagers are the Best.

8 Reasons Teenagers are the Best

Here are 8 reasons why I think teens are awesome!

Parenting lessons- 8 reasons why teenagers are the best!

Teens have a fantastic sense of humor

My kids are hilarious!  They have the best senses of humor.  They love to laugh and tell funny stories.
My favorite is when we gather in my room before bed.  It's a time of sharing and laughing.  I learn so much from these babes of mine during those times!

8 reasons why teens are the best- they are hard working!

Teens are hard working

My kids (and the kids I have worked with) work really hard.  They have crazy schedules.  My kids go to Seminary, our church's Bible Study at 6am. Then they go to school all day.  Then they go to sports practices until 6pm or later.  Then they come home and do homework, chores and take care of their home responsibilities.  Then they go to bed, wake up and do it all over again. That's a lot.

Teens have great opinions

They have fantastic brains with their own thoughts. They have their own experiences. Most of the time they aren't tainted with adult experiences and negativity.

Teens are awesome

Teens understand 

All of the teens I have been around are so smart.  They understand explanations and can be reasoned with.  Adults expect a lot of teens.  We need to remember that they are still children with brains that are still developing!  If there is something that they need to learn, they will accept talking about it.
Teens are spoken down to often.  Teachers, bosses, (even parents- yikes) can be so disrespectful.  Most of the time, a simple conversation can clear up misunderstandings!

Parenting lessons- 8 reasons why teenagers are the best!

Teens are resilient

Oh my word the pressures!  I can't imagine what it's like growing up in this day and age.  Teens are growing, learning, changing and figuring things out every day.  Teens have always compared themselves to their peers.  It used to just be done in person or maybe over the phone, like when I was growing up.  Now they are bombarded by online information, all day and all night.  Most adults, with a higher understanding of life, even struggle with this.

Teens are helpful

My kids pitch in when there is a job to be done.  They love helping out with other kids as well.  They have the strength and energy to do so many things.  My oldest was able to leave high school yesterday and help with the field day of a local elementary school.  He spent the entire day outside, playing with kids and was thrilled about it!

Teens are awesome- they can drive!

Teens can drive

Having another driver in the family is fantastic!  My son drives himself and his sister to early morning seminary, to school and home from sports practice.  It was scary at first to watch my baby
drive a big old machine away.  But now, I'm not sure I could live without him driving!  He also stops for groceries or dinner when needed.  He gives often rides to his sister and his brother for their events.  It's the BEST!!

Teens are looking for acceptance

Most of all, teens just want to be loved. They want to be seen in their struggles, and not to be ashamed of them. They want to have a safe place to turn, to ask questions and get answers.

Teens need respect and unconditional love!! 

Life with teens isn't all unicorns and roses.  These sweet kids are trying to deal with roller coaster emotions, changing bodies, societal pressures, all while balancing school, family, sports and work.

Sure, compared to some adult pressures like providing for a family, illnesses, paying bills, and taking care of a home, teen issues might seem trivial.  But it's important to remember VITAL to remember
that the issues teens face are just as big to them as adult issues are to us.

As parents our number one job is to raise our children to be decent human beings.  We will best be able to do that if we have mutual respect and work together!