Wednesday, May 9, 2018

How to make a Junk Necklace

I love junk! And I love unique items that I can repurpose.  Recently, I took some of my favorite junky things and made a Junk Necklace.

how to make a junk necklace, repurposed, charms, jewelry

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In all of my junking trips, (see more flea market tips here and here) I love to pick up interesting little bits and pieces that catch my eye.  I usually shove them into a drawer and forget about them.  One day I was cleaning those drawers out and come across a bunch of metal pieces and old jewelry that I thought would make great necklaces.

Supplies  Used  to  Make  Junk  Necklaces

Beads -I used beads left over from other projects.

Charms -I used charms that I found in the mixed media/scrapbook section at the craft store.

Keys - I used vintage keys.  I especially like the ones that have interesting shapes and patina!!

You can use metal stamps to stamp out a message onto the key.

Jewelry- Use necklace charms from old necklaces or purchased new from the craft store.  

Vacation Souvenirs - You know those penny crusher/stamper machines that you always find on vacation?  The ones that your kids beg you to do and then you're stuck with a flat penny and don't know what to do with it?  Well here is a great keepsake idea- put it on a necklace!

 I used the Crop a dile to punch a hole in the penny.

Prepare  junk  &  charms  to  hang  on necklace

Once I gathered all of my items, I had to prepare them a bit by giving the junky items a coat of clear acrylic sealer.  This protects the item, keeps it from continuing to rust and protects the clothing of the necklace wearer.

Some of the items had holes to hang on a necklace.  But if they did not, I added split rings for the items to be able to hang on a necklace chain.  

To make a scrabble tile able to hang, I glued it to a jewelry bail.

add a jewelry bail to a scrabble tile

With the bail, the scrabble tile will lay flat on a necklace.

how to hang a scrabble tile on a necklace with a jewelry bail

How  to  put  together  Junk  Necklace

Gather items into piles that would look good together on a necklace chain

I really like mixing metals and using unique items.  I'm not even sure what some of these metal pieces were originally used for, but all of the uniqueness looks great as a part of a junk necklace!

You could use any type of necklace chain to hang the charms from.  I like the industrial look of ball chain.

how to make a junk necklace using charms, beads, junk findings

how to make a junk necklace using charms, beads, junk findings

how to use mixed metals and repurposed junk to make a necklace

how to use mixed metals and repurposed junk to make a necklace

DIY ideas to make a necklace with leftover jewelry and junk

DIY ideas to make a necklace with leftover jewelry and junk

I can't wait to wear one of my junk necklaces!

how to make a junk necklace

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  1. Such a fun idea to use random items to make a fun junk necklace! My daughter would love this.

    1. It is really fun! The search for the junk is my favorite part!!

  2. I love the combinations of the various items you've put together. Such a fun way to create something new!

  3. What a fun way to repurpose little trinkets!

  4. I love this idea! I love old things as well as just small things that look cool. What a great way to do something with them. My kids would even love to do something like this.

  5. I love this idea so much! I wish we had flea markets around here so I could browse through and find neat stuff like this.

  6. I'm a collector of crushed pennies. Love the idea to use them for something decorative. The entire project is awesome...a great way to use up stash items, too! Thanks for sharing with Creatively Crafty #ccbg :)

  7. Love these ideas. Saw you on Creatively Crafty and just had to PIN IT! Searching my drawers as I write this to see what I can make. Thank you so much for sharing.


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