Mother's Day plant gift with printable and tag holder

Mother's Day gifts are hard!  Mom's already have just about every thing they need.  Something most all mom's would like is flowers, especially flowers that can be planted!  Give mom a Mother's Day Plant Gift with tag holder and free printable card.

Mother's Day plant gift with printable card and holder

I love to give my mom a gift that she can really use.  I know she likes to garden, so giving her a plant in a creative way, that she can plant in her garden is a great gift! 

How to gift a plant for Mother's Day

Mother's Day plant gift with printable card and holder, Lavender

Buy a perennial or annual at the home improvement store.  I bought a Spanish Lavender plant that is so beautiful!

Wrap it up!  I left the plant in the pot that it came in.  That way my mom can plant it in her garden or in a pot of her choosing after receiving.  To dress up the not so attractive pot, I wrapped it with wrapping paper.

I pulled it up around the sides of the pot and secured it with a rubber band and covered the rubber band with ribbon.

Print a card!  I made a lavender printable card.  Get a copy here.

I found this cute tag here.

Make a tag holder to hold the card!  It's so easy to make a cute holder to stick in the plant.  It only requires a wooden dowel and clothespins.

Simply hot glue the wooden clothespin onto a dowel.   Then you can stick the dowel in the plant and you'll have a place to attach the card.

I think most moms would love something like this!

I also purchased a spiky plant (Dracaena) and an annual plant (Calibrachoa) and planted them both in a rustic bucket.

Mother's Day plant gift with printable card and holder

These plants are such a great gift for Mother's Day!

Mother's Day Gift - plants for mom with printable and DIY plant tag

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