How to make a DIY Corsage

Make your own DIY Corsage bracelet for Prom or any dance or Mother's Day!

How to make a DIY Prom Corsage Bracelet

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It's Prom season so that means it's the time for corsages.  Fresh flower corsages are so beautiful but they don't last long.  So I put my crafting skills to work and made a non-traditional bracelet corsage from faux flowers!

DIY Corsage for Prom or Mother's Day

Supply list for DIY Corsage bracelet




Instructions for making DIY Corsage Bracelet

*Remove the jewels from the Satin hair bow.
*Hot glue mini roses to the center of Satin flower.
*Hot glue jewels and pearl beads on top of mini roses.
*Tuck red glitter ribbon in the corsage with pre-attached cream ribbon.
*Attach corsage to beaded bracelet.

-side note:  I used a floral clip that had satin ribbon 
attached underneath the flower.  If the floral clip you use does not, 
you may want to add some.

How to make a DIY corsage bracelet

I added a small bit of red glitter ribbon to the boutonniere so it would match.

DIY Corsage and boutonniere for Prom

My handsome son and his cute date looked so fantastic at Prom!

BTW- we purchased my son's vest, bow tie and pocket square here.

This is such a cost effective way to make a corsage for a memorable event!   It's such a sweet little corsage!  It would make such a great Mother's Day gift as well!
DIY Prom Corsage- full instructions for making your own custom prom corsage