End of the Month - April Favorites

I swear I was just writing March's post.
How in the world is it the end of April?

I love looking back over the month
to see what new faves I've found,
things that caught my eye,
and that I was inspired by!

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Favorite Things

April Favorites- make up remover wash cloth

Magic Washcloth

This make up removing washcloth* is amazing!
It really does work without soap.
I use it every night to remove my eye make up.
My daughter also uses one at school to remove 
her make up before swim practice. 
After using the washcloth, I use handsoap to scrub the washcloth 
and clean off the make up.  
I throw it in the wash when I wash my towels.
It has come out perfectly!

April Favorites - jeggings from Old Navy

Jeggings from Old Navy

First of all, I was a hard sale with these.
I am not normally a leggings fan.
I don't really like tight pants,
especially not tight jeans.  That sounds like torture!
But then I tried these on.

April Favorites, jeggings from Old Navy

They are denim fabric with an elastic waist band.
They are incredibly comfortable!
And there is no button on the front  
to poof out on your belly even more. 

The thick waist band keeps the belly sucked in a bit too.
Who couldn't use a little help with that?
They are awesome!

April Favorites - corsage and boutonniere from Hobby Lobby


Have you ever checked out the
corsage and boutonniere section in Hobby Lobby?
My son had 2 proms to go to in the past 2 weeks
and this is where I found his flowers.
The rose boutonniere looks and feels real.
And that price...$2.99?  Amazing!

April Favorites - corsage and boutonniere from Hobby Lobby

I also made his cute date a corsage bracelet.
It was very simple to do with supplies from Hobby Lobby.
I'll do a post about it soon.

April Favorites - pasta keeper bin

Pasta Container

I found this pasta keeper very inexpensivly at Walmart.
Not sure why I hadn't gotten one before.
I guess I liked cleaning dumped pasta from half full boxes,
out of the cupboard.

I really like this one* that has a lid
with serving size holes.


Posts you may have missed
in April

Floral and Greenery Spring Mantel- decorate your home with farmhouse spring charm using faux greenery, faux lavender and a branch from your yard!



A post shared by Shelby (@exceeding.joy) on

Exceeding Joy

I love the simplicity of the shelves,
the way they are curated,
and her beautiful table!

Jodie The Design Twins

Jodie and her twin sister Julie are freaking brilliant!
I love everything they post!!

A post shared by Steph (@olivewoodlane) on

Olivewood Lane

I love that dark focal point wall!
I have been toying with the idea of painting a wall in my house black.
This has inspired me to bite and bullet and do it!
The molding looks so good too!  Love it!

I Dream of Homemaking

I think Jessica is so dang talented!
I love everything she posts!
I love the way she has her mantel styled with
these green chalkboards!

The Vintage Pelican

How cute is this shutter with doilies?
I have a bunch of doilies my mom and grandmother made.
I need to do something similar to this!

Check out the rest of the photos this great IG'er has posted.
So many inspiring ideas!

I was so inspired by Jordan of Fun Cheap of Free's
snack drawer.  It is such a genius idea!! 

The day after I saw her post,
I bought organizers (similar here*) to make fridge snack bins.
I am happy to report that it really works!

I have prepared baggies of carrots, sugar snap peas, cucumbers,
grapes and oranges in the F and V bin.

I put cheese sticks, hard boiled eggs, packaged pepperoni
and hummus in condiment cups* in the P bin.

Everyone in my family has been so much better about
grabbing a healthy snack because it's
already packaged and ready!


I hope you have been inspired by something you've seen
here at She's Crafty!

Please share in the comments below!