Friday, May 18, 2018

3 Easy and Inexpensive Teacher Gifts

Guys: it's T-minus 4 days until school gets out.
If you waited until
the last second to put teacher gifts together,
don't worry- I got you!

I have 3 easy (4 days people) 

and inexpensive (my wallet is empty this time of year)

Teacher gift ideas

3 Easy and Inexpensive Teacher Gift Ideas

Succulent in a jar

Inexpensive Teacher Gift- succulents

I found the cutest drinking glasses at Ross.
They are soda bottles cut down into juice glasses.

I put a few pebbles into the bottom,
then some potting soil
then popped a succulent in.

I made a plant tag
like the ones in my Mother's Day gifts.
I also added a little glitter to sparkle them up!

Inexpensive Seminary Teacher Gift- succulents

I used a rubber stamp for the sentiment, on white cardstock, 
then hand wrote the rest of the message.

Inexpensive Seminary Teacher Gift- succulents, grow testimony

This gift is for my kids' Seminary teachers.
Those ladies deserve a medal for teaching tired teens 
every morning at 6am!


Kit Kat Bucket

This gift bucket was super easy to put together!

I filled a bucket with bite size kit kats
then hand wrote a message on cardstock.
I glittered the word BREAK with glue and fine glitter,
just like we used to in grade school.
It was awesome. I need to use glitter more often!!

I clipped the card to the handle of the bucket
with a glittered clothespin.
This is for my son's 4th grade teacher.
I'll tuck in a gift card as well.


Tape Measure

I found these cute little tape measures at Walmart.
I made the tag in PicMonkey, printed it on cardstock
 and punched it out.

The circle size was a perfect fit!

I put the tape measure in a small bag 
with some Hershey Kisses and tied it with a ribbon bow.
Easy Peasy!

3 Easy and Inexpensive Teacher Gift Ideas

3 Easy and Inexpensive Teacher Gift Ideas

3 Easy and Inexpensive Teacher Gift Ideas

Hopefully these Easy and Inexpensive gift ideas
will help you if you need a gift for your child's teacher.

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