Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Best Ways to Finish School and start Summer Break

If school isn't out for your kids yet,
it will be soon.

I'm looking forward to the lazy days of Summer
and all that that entails like:

sleeping in
less busy schedules (I hope),
playing in the sun and the water 
and all the good stuff!

But I'm not going to lie-
I'm a little nervous.
Summer also means my kids eating 
and making messes
ALL DAY long,
plus they'll need chauffeuring, entertaining and 

In my experience, I've found that most things turn out better
if I have a plan.  So I came up with 

The Best Ways to Finish the School Year 
and start Summer Break!

First we start with the
End of the School Year

Don't forget to give your kids' teachers 
gifts, thanking them for all of their hard work!

Then, go through the daunting task 
of cleaning out backpacks.

Trust me, just do it right when school ends.
It only takes a sec and then it's done!

This is just a portion of what I took 
from one of my kid's backpacks.

- Pull out all of the papers, books, binders and everything else
-Have kids go through and save anything
that's important to them
-Take pictures of bulky items
-Recycle the unwanted papers and binders
-File kept items

organize school papers, organize, papers, memorabilia

Each of my kids has a tote to
Each school year has a folder,
so I can just stick their papers in the right year and be done!

Then wash backpacks and lunch boxes.
I throw ours in the laundry
and wash them on cold.
Then hang them to dry.

The backpacks go back on my kids hooks
and the lunchboxes get stored.


After the school year stuff is cleaned up,
then we can move to 


First is to evaluate summer clothes and shoes.

I make sure everyone has
shorts, T's, tanks, sandals and  bathing suits

chalkboard, bucket list, summer list

Then we make our 
with lots of fun ideas and activities
to look forward to!

Even though it's summer,
we still have to keep up with housework
and everyone needs to pitch in to make it happen.

Developing a Chore List
makes that run sooooo much smoother.

When it's all written down and posted, 
I don't have to nag on my kids about doing their
work because they can just check the list
 to see what they need to do.

Something that really helps with the eating all day thing
is to have a 

With a list already made,
I know what to grocery shop for to have available
for my kids,
and they know what is available to make 
for themselves.


We have a limited amount of 
Summers to spend with our children.
With a little bit of preparation and planning,
those days can run so much better.

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