The Best Way to Give Money as a Gift- Birthday Balloons

Are you looking for the perfect way to give money as a gift?   These Birthday Balloons are the perfect way to give the gift of money!

Birthday Balloons.  Box full of Balloons with money in them are the perfect birthday gift for anyone.

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As my nieces and nephew have gotten holder, I have had a hard time figuring out what to get them for their birthdays and Christmas.  On top of that, they live on the other side of the country, so shipping gifts from me to them can be quit expensive. 

While I don't always know what tangible gift they will like, I know for sure they will always like cold hard cash!  Yes I can place a $20 in a card and call it good, but sometimes I want to do something more creative.  So this year, I sent Birthday Balloons.

Birthday Balloons - fill balloons with rolled up dollar bills

How to put together Birthday Balloons to Give the Gift of Money

This is such an easy process.  You'll be giving birthday balloons for all of your gifts!  On top of receiving cash, it's a total blast popping balloons!  

Gather Supplies

That's it.  That's why its such a great gift idea!

Instructions for Placing Money Inside Latex Balloons

With each dollar bill, lay it on a flat surface.  Take one of the short ends and roll it tightly to the other end.  Be careful to hold the dollar bill tightly.  You can use a small piece of scotch tape to keep the bill rolled, if necessary.

Grab a deflated balloon in one hand and push the rolled dollar bill into the end.  Shake the balloon a bit until it is holding the entire dollar bill.  Once the bill is inside the balloon, blow a small bit of air into the balloon.  I like to use a hand pump because no one wants your germy breath on their moolah!  :)

Gather all of the balloons into a cardboard box if you're planning to ship them.   Side Note:  USPS frowns on sending cash through the mail, so use your best discretion.  

Another thing you can do is place the bags into a gift bag and give the gift in person.  Don't forget to enclose a birthday card with instructions and a safety pin for popping!

how to send money as a birthday gift, give money in balloons as a gift

People of any age will love opening a box of Birthday Balloons.  This gift makes giving money a great way to celebrate a birthday!