Tuesday, September 19, 2017

5 simple and meaningful birthday traditions

Everyone wants to feel special on their birthday.  These 5 simple and meaningful birthday traditions are a simple yet perfect way to celebrate any birthday!

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2 of my kids have birthdays in September. So at this time of year I have birthdays on the brain.

I love celebrating! I love birthdays! And of course I love my kids!  So it's no surprise that I like to make my kids' birthdays a BIG DEAL!  

So many people ask me why I go all out for my kids birthdays.  There are several reasons, but the main ones are:  I want my kids to know how special they are.  There's 1 day a year that they (alone) are celebrated! Any excuse is a good reason to throw a party!!

5 Simple and Meaningful Birthday Traditions

We have 5 birthday traditions that we like to do in our family!

1.  Balloons

The night before my kids birthdays, we blow up balloons and leave them all over the floor to decorate our living room.  How fun is it to wake up and have balloons to walk through?

5 simple and meaningful birthday traditions - balloons on the floor

2.  Birthday Banners

I always hang banners around the house too.  They don't have to be anything too fancy.  I tape up curly ribbon, or pre-made, store bought banners.  Or I reuse fabric banners that I made years ago.  This year I picked up these numbers from Target One Spot- perfect for our newly turned 10 year old!

5 simple and meaningful birthday traditions - banners on the wall

3.  Birthday Poster

A newer tradition in our family is to make these posters.  We write down (the number of year they are turning) things we love about the birthday person.

This is all one of our favorite things!  We usually include a lot of family inside jokes that are so funny!  My kids keep these posters on the bulletin boards in their rooms to look at all year. 

5 simple and meaningful birthday traditions - poster with things we love about birthday person

4.  Gifts

We always have gifts waiting in the living room in the morning.  So when our kids wake up, they walk through the balloons, see the poster and banners and get their gifts.  It's a small little celebration with just our family before the start of their big day!

5 simple and meaningful birthday traditions - open birthday gifts in the morning

5.  Birthday Meals

The birthday person gets to choose meals all day.  We usually get take out for breakfast, then go out for another meal and the birthday person gets choose our family meal for the 3rd meal.  It's another way for the birthday person to feel special!

5 simple and meaningful birthday traditions - pick 3 meals

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These are our Birthday Traditions.  They are simple, but mean a lot to our family!  Do you have birthday traditions?


  1. I love the poster idea! Have to add that one for the next birthday. I've done most of those, and I wrote on my car windows honk for my son's birthday. It was hilarious. My son smiled and laughed every time we'd get a honk. These are great ways to make memories as they grow up. Xoxo

    1. I love the idea of writing on the car windows. I think I'm going to add that to our traditions! What a great idea!

  2. My boys have birthdays in October and November! I am gearing up for those as well! Balloons are a must and I love the poster idea!

    Logan Can

  3. I love the balloon idea, so cute! I love birthday's too. :)

  4. We have similar traditions in our home, aside from the poster idea! I really like that one. I always go all out decorating with a special theme and my kiddos pick a special birthday dinner.

    My daughter will be turning 13 in a month...so not ready for that yet!

  5. your kids are adorable! I love balloons for all my birthday celebrations, no matter how old I am!! I love your traditions when it comes to celebrating birthdays for your kids :)

  6. I'm huge on birthdays too! I do almost all of these for my husband and kids and I think I love it even more than they do sometimes!! haha


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