Harry Potter feather necklace

Harry Potter is my fave!  
I've read all of the books multiple times and my kids and I watch the movies on a regular basis.
We are all BIG fans!  

We've been to the World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Florida.

Last year my daughter had a Harry Potter birthday party.  It was so much fun!  

This week is Harry Potter's birthday.  So I made a few projects with the HP theme!

The first project I did is this Wingardium Leviosa feather necklace.
If you haven't read the HP books, Wingardium Leviosa is a charm that the wizarding students 
cast to make a feather float.

For this project I used a wooden feather necklace (from Michaels), a necklace pendant blank (amazon link) and the page in the Harry Potter book where it actually says, "Wingardium Leviosa."  

I cut out the section in the book that I wanted and glued it to the inside of the necklace blank.  
Then I covered the words "Wingardium Leviosa" with Glossy Accents (amazon link)
I waited for that to dry.

Then I filled in the rest of the pendant blank with glossy accents and sprinkled gold glitter into it.  
Then I let that dry. Don't try to brush the excess glitter off until its entirely dry and set.  Give at least 5 hours or so.  I may have tried to brush it off early and messed up the surface a bit.  

I took the feather necklace apart and discarded the chain.  

I strung the pendant onto a different necklace chain along with the wooden feather.

It's a fun little necklace that shows my love of Harry Potter!