Chore chart frame

My kids have started a brand new school year, with many changes!    
After a summer of no schedule and no routine I, for one, welcomed the change.
Along with changing grades and teachers, we've also updated and changed our chore chart.  

We had our old one for quite a few years.  It was working fine still, but we 
were looking for something new.   

I separated the chores to be done into daily and weekly chores in 3 different zones 
of our house: living room, bathrooms and kitchen (not pictured).

To make the chore chart I used:
an 11 x 14 frame
kraft with white polka dot wrapping paper
3 large clothespins
3 small wooden squares, painted with chalk paint
chalk pen
glue gun

I put the wrapping paper into the picture frame.  
Then I hot glued the clothespins to the front of the frame on the glass.  
Then I hot glued the chalkboard squares and wrote my kids' initials with a chalk pen.
I printed out the jobs for each zone and clipped it to the appropriate child's pin.  
We will rotate zones each week.  

My kids will earn an allowance according to how they keep up with their zones.  
We also wanted a way for them to earn extra money.  So we did a 'chores for hire' board.
I stapled some ribbon to the back of a long frame.  
Now I have a place to clip up some extra jobs and how much each job is worth.  

We are still in the first week of trying our new system.  But so far it is working pretty well!

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