New Years Eve Activity Balloons

3 more days left in 2014!  Where did the time go?  

This New Years Even we will spend the evening with our children, like we do every year.  
While I love spending time with my kids, I am always looking for ways to have fun and keep everyone entertained.  

So I came up with New Years Eve Activity Balloons.
Each balloon has an activity to keep everyone entertained all evening.  

I made this list of activities and a topper, that I printed it out.
Feel free to right click on the image to save and print it out for your family.  

Here is a gold one if you rather have that style.  

I cut the activities into narrow strips.  

Then I rolled each one up...

and stuck it into a balloon.  

Then I blew up the balloon and stuck them on little plastic ends for balloon sticks.  (amazon link)
Then I stuck the sticks in a tall vase.  

I used some really high tech vase filler.  

The topper on the printable goes right on the vase.  

Through out the evening on New Years Eve, 
I'll let my kids pop a balloon and we will do the fun activity as a family.  

Happy New Year!