Top posts of 2014

2014 has come to a close.  It's really been an interesting year for me.
Mind if I get a tiny bit personal?  No?  Ok, good.
Truthfully, I struggled this year.
Nothing major happend, just a general meh.
 I kind of lost interest in projecting, crafting and blogging in general.
 I pushed through and turned in some less than stellar posts, but my heart really wasn't in it.

Near the end of the year, I feel like I got my mojo back a bit.
Now I have a renewed energy in doing crafts and projects and
am excited to see where it goes in the upcoming year!
 Thank you for sticking with me, for coming here and being a part
of this blog and a part of my life!
 Big Hugs to all of you!

Here are some of my favorite posts of 2014!  

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Again, thank you for all of your support this year!  xoxoxo