One Little Word

Have you heard of One Little Word

You chose one word to represent goals and actions 
to be taken in the upcoming year.  

I am not big on making New Years Resolutions but 
choosing a word- that seems simple enough. 
That was until I tried to choose my word for 2015.

I'm about to get personal again...
2014 was not a wonderful year for me.  
Nothing major happened, really.  
Everyone in my family is in good health, we have a house and vehicles, 
my kids are doing great in school, etc.  I know I am a very blessed girl!  

Even knowing all of that- I didn't have a great attitude, I felt sorry for myself, 
small setbacks were consuming to me, etc.  
I just didn't thrive in 2014.

So that is the word I chose for this year...

This year is my year to THRIVE!  

By thrive I mean be happy no matter what.  
We all have trials every single day.  
What sets a happy person apart from an unhappy person is how they deal with those trials.  
I am going to look for the positive in myself, the people around me and in our situations.  
I am going to figure out how to be happy and spread joy whatever comes my way!

Not only did I decide to do the One Little Word, I talked my family into it as well!

We all thought about it and chose words to represent what we want to do in the upcoming year.
We posted them on a magnet board in our dining room to remind us every day!

Did you choose One Little Word for this year?  

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