Home Tour: Craft Room

It's taken a while, but today I'm finally ready to share my craft room.

Over the past 10 years that we've lived in this house, my craft room has gone through many transformations.  

I used to store everything in a closet.  

Then I slowly took over what used to be our playroom.
I really liked being in this area.  There was plenty of room for my stuff as well as space for my kids to do their homework and craft projects.  
But as my kids have grown, they needed more space of their own.  
And I needed to get the Wii and PS3 out of my living room.  
So we turned reverted this room back into a playroom,
minus the toys, plus a tv and gaming systems.  (Someday I'll do a post about the playroom)

Now my office/craft room is here.
This room is downstairs, between our eating area/dining room and living room.  
I think it was supposed to be a formal dining room. 
But we have always used it as an office. 
 It used to be my husband's office.
But since he travels for work all the time and is never home,
 I decided to commandeer the space, as long as I 
kept the bookshelves for our vast collection of books. 

I have packed a ton of stuff into this space, let me take you on a tour.  

To the right of the door is my computer/sewing machine desk.  

I added 2 shelves above the desk for my various stuffs.  
I love stuff!!

Having the things I love around me keeps me so inspired!

I got this brownie camera from my Grandmother.

To the left of my work desk is a large picture window.  
Also pictured is my craft storage tower.  

I put a huge island in front of it.  
For storage, I used the Recollection storage cubes from Michaels.  
I bought a large sheet of furniture grade plywood from Lowes, had it cut to size, stained and sealed it and use that as the top of my island.  
I'm thinking of adding castors to the bottom of the cubes to make the island moveable and a little bit higher since I like to stand when I'm crafting.  

The drawers hold all kinds of craft supplies.  
The smaller drawers are perfect for stamps and ink storage.

The deeper drawers are great for paint, adhesives, etc.

I used one of the drawers for washi tape storage.

On the back of the island I added some hooks for rulers and mats.

I also added a pot lid organizer from IKEA.  (I looked on their website and can't find the one I used.  I've had it for a while, so maybe they don't make it anymore.) It works great to hold my trimmers and self healing mats.  

Above the window I used some embroidery hoops with some of my fave black and white fabrics.  I also strung some white twinkle lights.  

We have 4 (cheap and falling apart) bookcases lining the back of the wall.  I use 1 1/2 of them for craft storage with various baskets.  The other 3 1/2 is for actual book storage.  

I store decorative stuff and various mementos. 
 (The picture is from when I got released from working with the children in my church.  All of the kids signed the mat surrounding the photo of them.  It's a favorite item in my craft room for sure!)  

I collect Wonder Women and Little Mermaid figures.  
My family gifts me with these at holidays.

I also have lots of ribbon storage.  

To the left of the bookcases is my fave piece in my home- my hardware cabinet.  
I bought it at the Nashville Flea Market.  It still has the handwriting from the original owner.  
I wanted to maintain the character of the cabinet, so I cleaned it up and gave everything a few coats of poly.  The drawers are a little wonky and don't all slide perfectly, so I ran a bar of soap along the edges to help things glide smoother.  (thanks to my mil for the tip)

My craft room is a very full, much loved and much used space!  I hope you enjoyed the tour!