Washi tape storage

I'm slowly putting the finishing touches on my craft room.  
It's been functioning for quite a while, it's just the little details I need to finish.  

One of those details is storage for my plethora of washi tape.  

This is what the drawer looked like before.  
The rolls were all over the place and I couldn't really tell what I had.  

I bought cafe curtain rods, similar ones here.  

I applied some hot glue to the back of the holder clip and stuck it to the side of the drawer.
Then I measured how far over the clip was, and glued another clip to the other side, making sure they would match up well when the rod was in place.

Then I threaded the washi tape rolls onto the rod and stuck the rod ends into the clips.  

Ta da!  Beautifully organized rolls of washi tape!!  

Last week I shared my craft supply storage tower.  

Have you found any unconventional ways to store craft supplies?