Boys Room: Message Board

My son's, ages 14 and 7, share a room. 
I'm in the process of giving their room a makeover.  

One of my older son's requests was to have a desk.  
So along with the desk, he needed a message board for all of his stuff.

I could have just purchased a cork board and called it good.  
But I decided to redo and old cabinet door.

I had this cabinet door in my stash, given to me by a friend.

The interior panels were held on with mirror clips.
So I took them off and took off the panels. 

Then I gave the frame a coat of light gray paint.  (It was a custom color from Lowes)
 I left the bottom panel unpainted since I knew I was going to cover it with cork.

For the cork section, I purchased a roll of cork
The only problem is that that cork is very thin.  
So I cut down a piece of foam core (poster board with Styrofoam inside) 
to the size of the backing and glued it in with tacky glue.  
Then I cut the cork piece to size and glued it to the foam core with the tacky glue as well.  
It worked perfectly.

I painted the top section black.  
I used letter stickers for my son's name and added a little paper pennant banner.
I hot glued some black clothespins directly to the panel.
Now he can hang heavier items.

For the cork section, I hot glued a push pin to the back of another black clothes pin.
 I also made pins by hot gluing push pins to the back of decorated wooden disks, 
similar to these wooden magnets.

My son is really excited to have a place to hang things that are important to him.  

I will be back with a few more projects from my sons' room makeover!

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