Boys Room: lego storage and display ideas

Today I'm sharing ideas for a staple in most boys rooms:  LEGOS!!

My boys are both really into legos. 
It's something they both enjoy, but differently.  
My oldest puts his lego sets together once, and then he is done and just wants to look at them.
My little one creates his lego masterpieces, but then wants to play with them and redo them.  
So with both of these styles in mind, I wanted to create storage, workable display space, permanent display space and a surface to put legos together in their room.

I think our solution addresses all of these things. 
First of all storage.

I had this stand (that I took out of our kitchen nook when I did built in shelves
sitting lonely in our garage.  

So I brought it inside and by a stroke of luck, plastic storage bins fit perfectly in the cubbies.
Bins are perfect to put the tiny little lego pieces in.

When I first reorganized these bins, I had them separated by lego type.  
People were in one bin, smaller pieces in one, large pieces in another. 
Yeah- it was pointless to do that because my boys just riffled 
through the bins and mixed them all up.  
So we just have 3 flat bins with lock-on tops (similar here -amazon link)
 and a small plastic chest with 3 drawers.

Right next to the storage stand in my boys' room is a desk top for lego building.

To make the desk, I used furniture grade plywood.  
I cut it to size, sanded and stained it, then attached legs to it. 
I used really awesome (and inexpensive) legs from IKEA.  

This little area is tucked in the back of their room and is perfect for lego building!!

For my younger son's workable lego storage, I used this 9 cube shelf hanging on the wall.
It has space for his people, cars and the creations he is currently playing with.  

To store my older son's creations, that he never wants played with, I built a long shelf.
It's right at the very top of the wall, that keeps his masterpieces out of reach, but still on display.

This is the hardest working wall in my boys' bedroom. 
It has lego storage, basketball net toy storage and nerf storage.  

I'll be back with one more post showing the entire room all together.