Shared Boys Bedroom- reveal

After sharing bits and pieces of my boys' room this month, 
I'm finally sharing their entire room today! 

Here is what the boys room looked like before.  
There really wasn't anything wrong with the looks of it.  
The problem (and what prompted the redo) was that my boys used to fight 
about being on each other's beds, non stop!!  
Being that the beds were side by side,
 it also didn't leave a lot of room for anything else in the room.  
Our main goal for their bedroom, was to give our boys more 
room and separate their spaces a bit.  

Our first step was getting this loft bed from IKEA.  
It's the Stora bed.  
I'm not going to lie, it was a struggle to put together.  
It took my husband and me almost an entire day to do, 
and we had to add a few extra boards and screws to it.  
But now that it's all done, we LOVE it!  
My little one sleeps on top and seriously loves having his own space.  
He was a little nervous his first night, but has slept really well every night since!

Because of all the floor space the loft bed cleared up, we were able to give both of our boys a desk. 

For one of them, I used furniture grade plywood that I connected in an L shape and stained.  
The left side is sitting on top of some storage cubes we had in our old furniture stash.

My other son's desk is made out of the same furniture grade plywood, with some legs from IKEA.  See post here.

Here's another view of the lego desk and how it fits in the boys' room.

We have a full size bed underneath the loft.  

I let my oldest choose art for his room.
There are framed quotes, a comic book initial, basketball canvas, (all made by me)
a metal sign (Hobby Lobby), a batman shield (made by me) and 
batman car print (Patent Prints on Etsy.)
We found the basketball lights at Academy Sports, the basketball pillow at IKEA 
and the basketball lamp was a total score for $2 at Goodwill!!   

There is a shelf above the window for trophies.  We are starting a pennant collection to go around the room.  So far this is all we have, but we are working on it.

We have an IKEA (this is not a sponsored post, even though it sounds like it.  I have just bought lots of stuff from there) Expedit bookshelf.  The bins at the bottom hold small toys, nerf guns, figures etc.  My boys are both big readers so the upper 2 shelves hold all of their books.  

Above the Expedit is this chalkboard like wall art I made.
I just used black poster paper and chalk pens.  

Above the dresser is this state wall art I made for their room's previous decor.
My boys were born in Utah and Tennessee, so I still love these!!

So that's it!  
A shared boys bedroom for a teen and elementary school child.  
It functions well and they are both happy!!  

Here are all the boys room posts in one place.

Thanks for following me along this boys room journey!!!