Country Living Fair in Nashville

Over the weekend I had the chance to go to the Country Living Fair, 
right here in Tennessee.

It was soo soo much fun!!

I saw so many wonderfully, inspiring things! 

There was so much eye candy that it was quite overwhelming!!

There were many artisans there, working their trade, 
like this gentleman, carving wooden spoons.  

And this man painting wonderful signs!

I was so inspired by everything I saw at the fair.

I really wish I would have gone on more than one day.  
I really needed 1 day to see it all, think about everything, then go 
back the next day and see some more. 
 Next time, that's exactly what I'll do. 

I got to see and chat with Jenni Bowlin!  
She's such a talented merchandiser and savvy business woman.  
Her talent is amazing!  Even though I have met her many times, I may have 
fan girled a little bit and talking to her at the fair! 

I loved these metal troughs used for display.

How cute are these jars?  I think a photo would look darling in a jar like this!

So much to look at in this one photo- from the crates, to the vintage pieces.  But most of all,  
check out the brush (in the top left of the photo) holding photos and ephemera.  
I am going to do this very soon!

Loved these colorful coke crates!

And vintage mailboxes holding cotton and dried stems.

I love these shadow boxes with bits of vintage trim.
I will be making one of these sometime soon too!

This chest is awesome!  
I love the hardware used to make each drawer look like luggage.

And while I love the cooler and child's ironing board in this photo, 
the lamp just made me drool!
The lampshade is covered with vintage maps.  
Oh my goodness... I LOVE this idea!!  

So after hours of walking around the dusty fair, what did I bring home with me?  
Well. I grabbed a few things, but my favorite is this...

A vintage mailbox! 

I think it's just a genius idea to take something so ordinary, and make it extra ordinary 
by using it for something different.  

Right now it's sitting in my living room, where I can stare at it lovingly.  
But I plan to move it around and maybe even put it on my porch holding greenery.  

The Country Living Fair is just as amazing as it seems!
If you ever get the chance, you should go!  
Just make sure to take a vehicle with plenty of room because you'll want to buy so much!