Friday, May 1, 2015

8 wonderful wedding ideas

I got married a long time ago, in the dark ages, before Pinterest.  
Back then, we got our ideas from books, magazines and seeing our 
friends and neighbors get married.  
Oh how I wish I had the opportunity to use some of these wonderful ideas.  

These are some of the things I would love to do if I
could say "I do" all over again!

 I would love to use these awesome wedding invitations by minted

I would definitely have a candy bar similar to this

I love flowers in mason jars like here and here.

And since I'm LDS, I would need to use some of these cultural hall wedding ideas

I guess have a thing for babies breath because I really like this bouquet.

I'd definitely do a kraft paper table cloth.
It would be so cute for a children's table along with some mason jars of crayons.  
Maybe even some adults would like that too.

This idea to throw pom poms instead of confetti is so much fun!  
I want to think of a place to use this idea now!

There are so many fun ideas I would love to use if I could do my wedding all over again!

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  1. Oh wow, all of these wedding ideas are heart throbbing. I wonder from where you got all these inspirations!! Please dear help me by suggesting some Boston venues for my vintage wedding.

  2. This is really fantastic blog, these creative ideas are really useful for me. Specially the Designer wedding invitations. This was really unique and stylish and the decor idea was also stunning.

  3. Still searching for the perfect place to celebrate? Then check out these 8 Intimate Wedding Venues (And Nearby) and see you find your dream setting! Love it?For the brides that are lucky enough to have a beautiful forest for their backdrop for their wedding, the possibilities are endless you have invited yourself to nature and forest weddings are best done when you work WITH the landscape and not against it. Pops of color help define the space and candlelight gives a sense of romance that no building could ever hold.We can all use our talents to CRAFT the life we want! Save it and share it!


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