New use for an old lamp

Do you have things stashed in a closet, or in your garage and attic,
taking up space and collecting dust?
Then one day, inspiration strikes!!
You're able to use/reuse one of those items and give it a new life?  

This post is about just that sort of thing happening!

I've had this old lamp for years.  
I think it's been in just about every room in my house at some point.  
I'm in the middle of a big purge and was getting ready to throw it out 
when I got an idea for it.  

I pulled out my trusty gold spray paint(amazon affiliate link) and gave the lamp base a few light coats.
Can we talk for a sec about this spray paint?  It is my favorite gold of all time!!  
It goes on so nice and is the only kind I will buy!

I love the way the base turned out!

I needed an equally awesome lamp shade and the old, ratty tan one just would not do!
So I ripped off all of that tan fabric and hot glued a piece of lace all the way around the lamp shade frame.  I put glue on each individual bar to hold the lace nice and securely.

A tired and dated lamp that was on it's way to the thrift store 
is now a sassy gold lamp for my daughters room!

So give your items a second look and think if you can refashion them into something else.