Boys Room: peg board storage

Today I'm sharing peg board storage I did for one of our son's .  

My youngest son is a major toy gun fanatic.  
He has them in all shapes and sizes.  
One thing that he requested when we were planning his room, is a place near 
his bed (he's on the top bunk) to store a few of his guns.  

So I came up with this peg board storage idea.

I purchased a white pegboard from Lowes. 

I also purchased this peg board accessory kit.  
It came with screws and spacers (the black circles in the photo) to hang the pegboard too. 

Once the pegboard was secured to the wall (with wall anchors) 
I decided to dress up the edges with vintage yardsticks.  
To adhere them, I used foam adhesive tape.  I put it directly onto the peg board and pushed the yardsticks onto it.

I also included a shelf for my son's books and his water bottle.

I used the shelf holder that came with the accessory kit.  
I cut down a pine board to around 18 inches and sat it on top.  It wasn't very secure so I attached it to the holder with a saw tooth picture hangar.  That's kind of a weird use, but it worked really well because I could bend it a bit to hold the shelf on.
I also used plastic holder things to hold the shelf holder to the peg board 
so it doesn't fall on my son in the night.  

I couldn't resist putting an antique gun on the peg board along with my son's 
favorite nerf gun with the chain saw attachment.  Honestly, boys and their toys.

On the left side is my son's initial, that I covered with comic book paper and soccer ball wall art.