Boys Room: sports net toy storage

 post updated Aug 2019

I have been searching high and low for toy storage solutions in my boys room.  I finally made a  Sports Net for Toy Storage.               

Sports Net Toy Storage |  Make this wall mounted Sports Net to store toys  |   She's Crafty

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We are in the process of redoing the bedroom that our son's share.  Our son's are 14 and 7 years old, 
so we have struggled to come up with things they will both like.  One thing they both enjoy is sports.  And one thing I wanted for their room is storage.   I came up with this basketball net toy storage.  

soccer net, score board

It's inspired by one I saw in the Pottery Barn kids catalog.  I loved it, but didn't love the price, so I set out to DIY one.

Supplies needed to make Sports Net for Toy Storage

Steps to make a Wall Mounted Sports Net for Toy Storage

  • Paint piece of wood brown, distress if desired
  • Take soccer net out of box
  • Use 1 long piece and 2 short pieces that come with the net, put them together to form an upside down U
  • Thread soccer net around pvc pipes

  • Measure and mark where the goal will attach to the wood
  • Screw 2 pvc plugs right into the wood on both sides

  • Attach 2 couplings to each of the plugs.  These are what the net will attach to.

  • Pull the net down and around the back of the board
  • Staple the net to the board
  • Cut excess net off and discard

  • Use letter stamps to write Home and Visitor
  • Paint a line down the center of the board

  • Hang Sports Net on the wall using screws, anchored as needed.

This Sports Net Toy Storage makes a great decorative piece for a boys room.  But it also works to store toys!  This is the first of many projects that we did for our boys.  We also have ideas for nerf storage, lego storage, message board, peg board storage and full bedroom reveal.

wall mounted Sports Net Toy Storage - use this great DIY project to store toys in a child's room